This is a Yo-kai Watch map version of De_Chateau

Description Edit

Terrorists Edit

Bomb the Front of the Chateau or Backside of the Chateau

Counter Terrorists- Yo-kai Watch Team Edit

Prevent the Terrorist bomb the Chateau at all costs.

Story line Edit

Somewhere in Springfield. Nathan, Hailey, Whisper and Jibanyan heads to an abandoned Chateau. just as then at the Other Side 5 Terrorists begins to arm themselves for a battle in a Chateau and suddenly Nathan's watch begins to Glow and suddenly arms him with a Yo-Kai Blaster which allows him to sense evil Yokai and fire .45 Caliber Rifles. and now the Gang must prevent the Chateau from getting Destroyed.

Areas Edit

  • Terrorists Spawn Area
  • Heroes/ CT Spawn Area
  • Back area
  • Wine Cellar
  • Bombsite A- Chateau Front
  • Bombsite B- Courtyard