The DEVGRU (US NSWDG) is the highly trained Special Operations unit of the US Navy.Part of the SEALs, these men are known to master stealth at the highest degree and are skilled in rescuing hostages. They are also known to be able to effectively eliminate enemy strongholds as a small squad. They are currently giving extensive support for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and others in response to the international military campaign 'War on Terror'.

Weapons and Equipment usedEdit

The DEVEGU US NSFTBDG had adopted these weapons in the game as their standard weapons:

  • Germany Heckler & Koch USP semi-automatic pistols
  • Austria Glock 17 semi-automatic pistols
  • Italy Benelli M3 combat shotguns
  • Italy Benelli M4 combat shotguns
  • Germany Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine guns
  • Germany Heckler & Koch MP7A1 PDWs
  • Germany Heckler & Koch UMP sub-machine guns
  • US Colt M16A1 assault rifles
  • US Colt M4/M4A1 carbines
  • Germany HK 416 carbines
  • Russia AK-47 assault rifles
  • Austria Steyr AUG assault rifles
  • Switzerland SIG SG552 carbines
  • M14 EBR|US Mk 14 enhanced battle rifles
  • US Remington M24 sniper rifles
  • UK Accuracy International AW sniper rifles
  • UK Accuracy International AS50 sniper rifles
  • US Saco Defense M60 machine guns
  • Belgium/US FN M249 squad automatic weapons
  • Belgium/US FN MK 48 machine guns
  • US General Electrics M134 Gatling guns (mounted on vehicles and copters)
  • US Springfield M79 grenade launchers
  • South Africa MGL grenade launchers
  • Sweden M136 anti-tank weapons
  • Seal knife|US Seal Knives 2000
  • US M67 hand grenades
  • Flashbangs (M84 stun grenades in real-life)
  • Smoke Grenades (M18 smoke grenades in real-life)


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