SIG SG552 Commando or simply SG552 is an assault rifle in Counter-Strike series. It was renamed to Krieg 552 in game.


The SIG SG552 is a 5.56mm assault carbine which is modified from the SIG SG550 assault rifle. It is light and has very high rate of fire but when spraying, it's recoil will be wild.


  • High rate of fire
  • Lightweight
  • High accuracy when using the scope
  • Controllable spray pattern


  • Easily run dry
  • Has very high recoil due to high firing rate
  • Inaccurate when spraying
  • Low rate of fire when using the scope
  • Purchasable by the Terrorists only
  • Expensive for an assault rifle
  • Low knockback and stun against zombies



  • The SG552 in real life is majority used by the law enforcements instead of the Terrorists.
  • The SG552 is a shorten-barrel variant of Swiss army's standard service rifle,the SG550.It's usually used by special forces during close-quarter battle.Another variant of the SG550 is the SG550 Sniper,which is a sniper rifle designed for counter-terrorism purpose.

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