The Desert Eagle is the strongest pistol in the game, aside from the flintlock. Although it has low magazine size and low fire rate, it does higher damage than almost any other pistols and has good accuracy for first few shots. Thus, its reload time is very short.


  • High damage
  • Cheap price ($650)
  • Short reload time
  • Good accuracy even in long range for the first few shots
  • Does not affect speed
  • Can penetrate object


  • Low magazine capacity
  • Low fire rate
  • Low reserve ammunition



  • The Desert Eagle is a high caliber pistol. It is not suitable to use as a sidearm in special operations in real life due to its high recoil, heavy weight, low capacity and loud firing sound.
  • The Magnum Research trademark can be seen on the weapon's slide.
  • There are 6 different cartridge in this weapon.