IMI (Israel Military Industries) Galil or IDF (Israel Defense Force) Defender is an assault rifle exclusive to the Terrorists in Counter-Strike series. It was added into the game since Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Galil can hold up to 35 rounds of 5.56×45mm NATO at a time which is 5 more rounds than most assault rifles. It is an alternative assault rifle to the AK-47 and $250 cheaper than its counter-terrorist counterpart, the FAMAS.


  • Has higher clip capacity than most assault rifles
  • Cheap ($2000)
  • High rate of fire
  • Light
  • Short reload time
  • Good accuracy in long range
  • Low recoil


  • Low damage for an assault rifle
  • Purchasable only for the Terrorists
  • Low knockback and stun to zombies


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