The Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN 5.7×28mm or simply Five-seveN is a high accuracy and rate of fire pistol. It is purchasable with game points for Singapore/Malaysia and Indonesia version of Counter-Strike Online.


The Five-seveN is the most accurate pistol in the game. Although it does low damage per bullet, it has high magazine capacity.


  • High accuracy
  • Low recoil
  • Does higher damage to armored opponents
  • High fire rate
  • High magazine size


  • Expensive for a single wielded pistol
  • Very low damage
  • Long reload time



  • The Five-SeveN that shows in Counter-Strike game series is the the first generation model. This model is no longer in production and has been replaced by Five-SeveN USG.
  • In Real Life, this weapon can hold up 30 rounds when using extended magazines.

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