Benelli M4 or M1014 (American version), is an automatic shotgun in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online. It was renamed to Leone YG1265 in game due copyright infringement.


This 7 round, 12 gauge shotgun has a fast firing speed due to its semi-automatic function. It has lower recoil and lighter than the previous version, Benelli M3 but it has lower clip size and does lower damage.



  • Low magazine capacity
  • Low damage from middle range to long range
  • Not accurate in long range
  • Expensive



  • This weapon's system name is called the 'XM1014'. The XM1014 was the experimental model for the US Military. After they adopted the weapon, it is renamed to 'M1014'.
  • In real life, this weapon can hold to 7 rounds plus 1 for tube by Military only