This is the Altered of A Great Pup Path

Achievements Edit

Bomb Defusal Edit

  1. Tracker and Boom!= Kill at least 20 enemies using sniper while the enemy is defusing a bomb
  2. Pup Pup Boomie= As the last Terrorist standiing, Distract the Defuser and Let the Bomb explode
  3. Take over and Plant= From a fallen ally pick up the bomb and plant it
  4. So Close!= Defuse a bomb in less then a second
  5. Already Planted= Plant in less than 25 secons
  6. Challenge: Dusty Series= Win 5 matches by blowing up the bomb

Hostage Rescue Edit

  1. Follow Ryder!= Rescue 50 hostages
  2. Save Ryder= Defend the Counter-Terrorist while he's escorting hostages
  3. Second-in-Command= Get the Hostages after the rescuer dies
  4. Pups Gonna Fly!= Get a 20 headshot on a Hostage rescue match.
  5. Challenge: Ruined Up= Kill 100 Enemies as Terrorists

Kills Edit

  1. Let's Die in!- Kill 50 Enemies
  2. Rubble On the Double- Get Double kill using an enemy rifle
  3. Chase on the Case- Win a knife round
  4. Rescue of your own- Kill all 5 enemies without all of you or allies dies.
  5. Stun and Snipe- Flashbang an enemy and kill using a sniper rifle
  6. Nightvisioned= Kill an enemy while your nightvision goggles enabled
  7. Pup Pack Specialist- Kill 50 enemies using different weapons
  8. Still Alive!= Survive 50 damage with kevlar and helmet
  9. Boom Headshot!= Get a headshot using a zoomed in sniper rifle
  10. Challenge: Grand Arsenal- Kill 100 enemies using different guns

Weapons Edit

  1. Pup-Pistol- Get 150 kill using Pistols
  2. Bar 1918- Get 150 kills using Rifles
  3. 10 Weapon Specialist- Complete the Paw Patrol Signature Weapon Path
  4. Weapon Specialist:Ryder- Get 50 kills using AK-47
  5. Weapon Specialist:Chase- Get 50 Kills using M4A1
  6. Weapon Specialist:Marshall- Get 50 kills using MP5
  7. Weapon Specialist:Skye- Get 50 kills using Krieg550
  8. Weapon Specialist:Rubble- Get 50 kills using M249
  9. Weapon Specialist:Rocky- Use enemy weapons and kill 100 enemies
  10. Weapon Specialist: Zuma- Get 50 kills using UMP45
  11. Weapon Specialist:Everest- Get 150 kills using any weapons
  12. Weapon Specialist:Tracker- Get 50 kills using Sniper Rifles
  13. Weapon Specialist: Turbot- Get 50 Kills using Shotguns
  14. Basketball!- Kill 40 enemies using Grenade
  15. Challenge: Arsenal Specialist= Get 200 kills using any weapons

Maps Edit

  1. Middle-aged Knight- Win 50 games on De_Piranesi, De_Cbble, De_Chateu
  2. SAS Specialist- Win 50 games as Counter Terrorist's SAS
  3. Tracker- Win 15 games on De_Atzec
  4. Sommersault- Win 15 games on De_Dust, Dust 2 and Cs_Militia
  5. Challenge: Tourist- Win all the 1 map in a row on Normal Difficulty

Special Edit

  1. Starter- Win 5 Pistol rounds
  2. Cowboy!- Win 10 Pistol rounds
  3. Deadeye- Win 150 Pistol rounds
  4. Christmas Duelist= Win 50 rounds on De_Survivor or Cs_Office
  5. Marshall home alone- Kill at least 5 enemies without your teammate dies or gets a kill.
  6. Blitzkrieg- Eliminate the opposing faction in less than 50 seconds
  7. The Ace and the Scout- Get the top score on the final 7 win match and kill the final enemy using the sniper rifle
  8. Finest assassin on the Land- Kill 50 enemies using AWM
  9. A feathered fall- fall from above and no fall damage
  10. Bullseye!- Get 150 headshots
  11. Local Area Duelist- Kill 150 enemies in a lan game
  12. the Counter-Tracker- Kill an enemy zoomed in sniper with a zoomed in sniper rifle
  13. Group Wipeout- Kill at least 5 enemies all alone
  14. 8 man wipeout- win at least 5 games in 8v8 format as Terrorists